ZEV Police Delivery Postal

ZEV bikes are used and designed to be two wheeled work horses,  They carry the loads reliably, and nothing beats their economics.  With no moving part hub motors, nothing to maintain, it is not just the savings on fuel that the owners love, its the lack of maintenance in terms of not just money, but time spent maintaining.  

With no moving parts hub motors, and maximum torque at dead stand still, the bikes can handle repeated, constant stop and go operations.  Large battery capacity mean more time on the road, less time charging.

For Police we offer our T Series Bikes.   Speeds to 80 mph / 130 kmh, range to 140 miles / 225 km.  LED flashing light / siren packages available.  Windshield .  Rear top box available.

For Delivery, we offer our T Series bikes and our 2700 models as our work horse models with big, flat, heavy load carrying decks.
The 2700 has room for a huge rear box, a basket on the front of the 2700, and another flat load floor at the rider's feet.  An aircraft aluminum box can be fitted in place of the front basket to increase out of the weather storage.


Three load carrying platforms.


Three different sized rear luggage racks are available for the rear.

A series of different sized and inexpensive cargo trunks are on hand.  


We will also fabricate in aircraft aluminum any cargo box to fit your needs to your specifications.

We offer custom LED lighting for the boxes and vehicles to draw more attention to your vehicle and to improve its safety.

Really need to haul a bulky load?  Only ZEV bikes have the torque and guts to pull a trailer.   Need a rescue vehicle to go on a bicycle trail to pick up a crashed rider?  Hauling bulky cargo? We have an answer for your needs.

We also offer heated clothing and hand muffs for extended riding conditions. 

Contact us and tell us your delivery needs