Why ZEV?

The Performance and Value Leader In Electric Vehicles!

ZEV is a USA manufacturer with the VIN sequence 1Z9.

ZEV is listed in the EPA "Verify" system under the name ZEV. 

ZEV is a group of hard core aerospace and mechanical engineers and business people that banded together to prove they could outflank, out design, and outperform everyone else in the alternative fuel vehicle market.  We are all racers and designers of spacecraft, motorcycles, cars, boats. and aircraft.  High performance and sophisticated engineering is spoken here.  Simultaneously our senior management (+30 years) is internationally experienced, with numerous startups and Fortune 500 operations on his resume.  We all firmly believe that electric vehicles are the fuel and envZEV electric motorcyclesironmental solution.  We believe that the way to change the world is to build the world changing products. We are the guys that the huge companies hate. 

ZEV engineers are part of the same engineering group hired by other larger companies to tell them how to make their electric vehicles or hired to design the electric vehicles. 

ZEV is what you get when you ask the engineers to design vehicles for themselves.

ZEV USA!  We do subassembly in China of some components, and finish assembly with USA made components in the USA.  The testing operations are  conducted in the mountains of West Virginia,  and deserts of Arizona!  Our test riders run the long steep mountain grades, rough roads, sub zero and 110 degree temperature, high humidity, through lots of rain to put our vehicles to the test. 

We pride ourselves on outperforming the competition and beating them on quality while keeping our prices far less than theirs.


  • THE GOVERNMENT HELPS YOU TO PURCHASE AND OPERATE THE VEHICLE - Substantial Government rebates, tax credits, tax deductions on your personal tax prep software, sales tax exemptions, special free parking allowances, reduced property taxes, exemptions from road tax, reduced license and registration fees are available in most areas in some form.
  • RADICALLY REDUCED "fuel cost" - Electricity is much less expensive that gasoline or diesel fuel.  A ZEV3000 motorscooter "fillup" is about 7 cents (based on the national highest price of electricity and full depletion of the battery capacity) 
  • NEAR ZERO MAINTENANCE - No oil changes, filters to replace, chain, gearbox, shifter, clutch, mufflers, exhaust system.  Only 2 moving assemblies in the drivetrain (throttle and rear wheel).
  • REDUCE GREENHOUSE GASES - A 2001 US Dept of Energy study says that battery powered electric vehicles reduce greenhouse gases 35% over gasoline powered vehicles.  A 2004 California Air Resources Board Study resulted in a 67% reduction in California.  That study stated electric was nearly twice as effective in reducing emissions as a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.


  • We make the worlds fastest production electric motorscooters which have the longest range in the world.
  • Our Warranty is the best in the industry.  200% better than other competitors.  When the product is Excellent, the warranty can be too. (and when the product is not so good, neither is the warranty)
  • Our products outperform any same rated motor vehicle at the same price and beat or meet the performance of vehicles selling for three times as much.  (Click on our Dare To Compare tab)
  • We sell only daily driver usable vehicles.  No "toy" vehicles that won't climb hills or keep up with the traffic or break down with limited range are sold by ZEV. 
  • Our Vehicles models have up to 200% more range than competitors.
  • We do not advertise any performance that is not met by the standard vehicle.  No claims of high performance that is "detuned" for the public. 
  • We do not advertise any peak power ratings, only real world usable continous power ratings.  You can rely on getting real world performance.
  • USA VIN numbers, Certification labels, and Certificates of Origin mean you can get your bike licensed without a fight with the DOT or its equivalent in any country.
  • We use an innovative multispeed "Electronic Transmission" to match the need for amps and voltage to the load and speed needs.  This increases the range up to 50% and hill climbing ability up to 35% more than competing equal wattage bikes.
  • We build Industrial Use (Police, Mail Delivery, Taxi, sidecar and trailer load hauling etc.) use electric motor scooters with radically stronger frames and components than all other companies in the industry.  These same components are in our standard motor scooters to make them radically more durable than the competition's bikes.  Our bikes are built to last.
  • Our bikes have the strongest brakes and shortest stopping distances of any comparable motor scooter on the market.
All ZEV bikes feature dual halogen headlights and tail lights for maximum brightness and visibility.

All ZEV bikes have a large under the seat storage area.

All ZEV bikes use a minimum of dual front piston brakes and dual rear piston brakes for maximum braking.

All ZEV bikes use special motors with features not shared by any other company in the world. The highest performance motors in the line carry patent pending notices. (Patent pending parts not shown in photo)
Part of the big power advantage in ZEV bikes comes from the cooling of the controller and the motor. The controller is heavily finned to disappate heat. The higher the power of the bike, the more finning and cooling. This photo is of the lowest power controller with the least amount of cooling fins.
All ZEV bikes use a aircraft construction style, thick wall steel tube frame where the battery box acts as a frame member for extra stiffness. All available space is stuffed with battery for maximum range and power.

Special Note on ZEV Production Models:

While there are many models of ZEV motor scooters, they all share some basic characteristics and components.  The main differences are in the motors, battery capacity, voltage and amperes regulated by the different controllers, shock dampening, and different brakes.   All bikes share the same bodywork.  There are some differences in the chassis in terms of chassis tubes and battery mounting.

All currently offered production bikes share the following characteristics.

Regenerative Braking - All bikes have Regenerative Braking that charges the battery during braking.

Body     - All bikes use the same body

Suspension - Full Suspension front and rear

Wheelbase - 1494 mm / 58.5 inches

Body Width - 420 mm / 16/53 inches

Seat Height- 71 cm / 28 inches (uncompressed suspension)

Tire Size     - 130/60 -13

Motor Type- DC, brushless, 3 phase

Three speed Electronic "Transmission"-standard on all bikes 5100 watts and under.

Clutch and gears - None

Brakes- Front - Disk

            - Rear - Disk

Battery Life- Lithium, est. 10 years.

3000+ cycles in general use (per battery mfg)

Lithium Battery Type - LiFPO4

Battery Charger- Separate unit. 220 or 110 volt

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