Trike Work Vehicles


ZEV offers special chassis work trikes - or electric vehicles built to your specifications for your particular work mission.


ZEV manufacturers mail delivery trikes and motor scooter.

We currently are engaged in supplying the base chassis and all power train components for Post Delivery vehicles for the country of Denmark.  The first chassis shipped Feb 2013.  This vehicle carries 260 kg of mail.

A stronger and larger delivery bike is now in prototype for the general public and other country mail delivery.


We offer a broad range of vehicles all based around a small 3 person, 3 wheel trike chassis.  The power, speed, range, and load carrying are tailored to the customer specifications. 

Power can be as great as 32 kw with battery capacity to 7.68 kwh in lead battery, and far more in lithium.  Options include larger battery packs, more power, bigger brakes, more load carrying ability, ability to tow a trailer, serial hybrid booster generators, quick change battery packs, dual rear wheels, heavy load chassis.


Some customer are ordering these vehicles configured as delivery or food sales vehicles (ice cream, drink, and sandwhich sales)


We offer a variety of three wheeled work trike based on our gasoline bike chassis which we produce and sell now only in Asia.  These chassis are available to carry up to 2 tons or 4 kilo.  Depending on the customer needs, we use rear hub motors in power to 32 kw.

These vehicle are available with truck type beds and dumping beds.


Due to the special nature of all of these vehicles, please contact us to discuss you particular needs.