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Pick up May 2013 Issue of C! Magazine....the automotive authority. Dave's eTrike project Palawan is the Exclusive feature. It's showcasing Mayor Edward Hagedorn's pioneering etrike projects for clean air since 2007 and how Dave took Hagedorn's lead and developed 6 different prototypes for different terrains and load.

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7100 Long Range (160 km/100 m range) Electric Motor Scooter Shipping Now!

We have the reputation as the manufacturer of “The World’s Fastest and Longest Range Electric Motor Scooters”.  We now have pushed the performance that justifies the statement by beginning delivery of the new 7100 LR (Long Range) electric motor scooter boosting 160 km/100 mile range and speeds to 128/80 mph.  The introduction of this new model now gives our customers two such performance bikes, the new 7100 LR, and the T7100 electric motorcycle, both using the latest advancements in lithium battery and hub motor technology.  Photos of the new bikes and full details can be seen here.

The 7100 LR utilizes the largest lithium battery pack possible and the largest in the industry on any electric scooter with total battery capacity of 6 Kwh, larger than found in most hybrid cars.  This battery pack utilizes 2nd Generation Li-ion LFMPchemistry.  This type of lithium battery is used in all our high performance models and is unusual as they have eight connection fasteners on each battery instead of the normal two.  Each terminal end has four fasteners.  This makes it virtually impossible for the battery to vibrate and loosen the terminal connections to eliminate one of the more common electric vehicle life cycle issues.

Unique among performance electric vehicles, we use a hub motor where the motor is contained completely inside the rear wheel. The outside of the motor is the tire rim and the axle is fixed as the stator, thereby eliminating all moving parts except the bearings. The rim and tire rotate around the fixed stator.  This eliminates the need for maintenance of a chain or belt drive and the efficiency losses that arise from using chains and belts.  There is no need for the motor to “spool up” in rpm to generate power like bikes that are powered by a small diameter motor through a chain or belt making the bike very responsive and quick.  At the same amps and volts, the torque of an electric motor goes up as the cube of the diameter, so that the 12 inch in diameter motor has radically more torque than all other competitors in production.  For example, ours has 185 Nm of torque, compared to 63 NM for the nearly twice as expensive Brammo Empulse despite the Brammo running more amps.  To further eliminate wear points, all motorbikes we make use brushless motors.

The new 7100 LR was created in response to customers asking for the range of the T7100, but in the sleeker styling of the standard 7100.  While sharing some components, as the already in production for a year T7100, the new 7100 LR is a very different vehicle.  Obviously the style is very different with the T7100 having a double frame chassis to carry extreme loads, and a longer wheelbase than the new 7100 LR.  The shorter wheelbase and the way that the weight is positioned in the chassis make the 7100 LR have a more “sporty” feel being able to be flicked about on a curvy road more aggressively.  

In testing the 7100 LR ran Interstate highway speeds of 113 kmh / 70 mph for over 80 km/ 50 miles.  Slowing to 80 kmh / 50 mph allowed a range of over 160 km / 100 miles.  Specs are:

Max speed:  129 kmh / 80 mph
Vehicle Empty Weight: 184 kg /406.4 lbs
Vehicle Useful load:  156 kg / 352 lbs
Max Range: 160 km / 100 miles at 80 kmh / 50 mph
Max Range at Interstate speeds: 80 km / 50 miles at average of 113 kmh / 70 mph

Newly discovered market is the commute to work rider.  The majority of the riders state that they did not buy the bikes to avoid paying for gasoline nor to be “green”.  They bought the bikes for the lack of maintenance and lack of the associated maintenance costs that are the time saving aspects of electric.  No oil and filter changes, no chains and belts to adjust or replace.  No carbs or injection to clean or adjust. No oily spots on the driveway.  The owners tell us that the time it takes to charge the battery is of little consequence, just so the “tank is full” when they leave for work in the morning.  With the large battery capacity, the need to even charge more than one time a day is generally eliminated.  (However, the bikes will charge in 4 hours limited only by the 15 amps available from most home wall plugs)  Sharply increasing the mass fraction of the vehicle that is battery has another big effect on the battery – the last much longer.  Batteries that are run to depletion have short lives.  When the vehicle is packed with battery, it is rarely run far enough or hard enough to deplete the battery before they are charged again.  The life of the battery soar as a result doubling at least.

It was also time savings, not money savings that the owners valued most.  Even when maintenance is required, it is a far easier, less time consuming, and less costly affair to go electric than with gasoline. The more analytical customer document that the time to do all of the maintenance on a gasoline bike, the time going to and from the dealer, and the time to go to the gas station amounts to about 68 hours over 20,000 miles for the gas scooter.  Life cycle cost analysis by our customers indicate that it costs approximately 60% less to drive an E-Bike than to drive a gasoline fueled scooter of equal performance and cost to the electric if the bike is driven to the point of battery replacement.  These customers report full costs not including depreciation of 12 cents/mile.  Fuel costs on test bikes show Fuel costs run about $.0127/mile or about $127 per 10,000 miles in the Ohio/WV/Pa area of the USA.

This lack of maintenance and the ability for customers to work on their own electric bikes without high technical skill are one reason we sell all over the world even where they do not yet have dealerships.  In the areas where we do not have dealers, we ship the bike worldwide direct to the customer’s door.  Service can be done by any normal motorcycle shop as the extreme simplicity of the electric bike and the radically less parts count and no moving parts design make repairs very simple.

The new 7100 LR has a MSRP of $8990 and includes a luggage box for the rear luggage rack.  Options include a 150 watt Stereo system, and a large digital analytical readout screen that streams information on the power utilization of the vehicle and battery status.

The first run of the new 7100 LR are going to Australia to open the new dealers there.  We are now taking orders for the second run of the vehicles for shipment to occur in 90 to 120 days.  

For more information on the new 7100 LR or our other electric motorbikes see the company website at  We have a demonstration track just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. in Waynesburg.   Contact to schedule a test drive or see at a dealer. 

ZEV electric scooters born of sport bike passion
Chris Peters, Contributing Writer
May 21, 2012

DH Zehrbach, founder of Z Electric
Vehicle Corp., wanted to build a better
product, and has watched his West Virginia
based manufacturing company see
extensive growth overseas.

Performance, handling push sales to new buyers

Created out of a love for sport bike racing and a frustration with what was available on the market for electric motor scooters, DH Zehrbach founded Z Electric Vehicle Corporation (ZEV). Having distributed a wide array of electric scooters over the last four years, Zehrbach has watched business grow as demand for electric vehicles has drastically increased.

“I started seeing the electric bikes that were being used in Asia and looking like the scooters that were being brought into the United States by various importers. I said ‘These things aren’t very good. We can do a whole lot better than that,’” Zehrbach related. “So we sat down, designed and built [the first ZEV bike] and started taking orders on it.”

Now ZEV, based out of Morgantown, W.Va., is distributing electric vehicles worldwide. Zehrbach’s passion for sport bike racing and longtime love of motorcycles led him to focus on building a better electric scooter that handled like the bikes on which he had spent so many years.
“The big deal was concentrating on building a better motor, a better controller and a better chassis. The chassis was different than anybody else had for a scooter,” Zehrbach explained. “My scooter has to handle like a sport bike, so that’s what we did. We put a really rigid flame that has no deflection, and you can really honk it around the corners, just like you would a sport bike. The parts are all tucked up high so you can get stupid lean angles and have a great time.”... read more

The State of Pennsylvania promoting the ZEV electric scooters
iConserve Pennsylvania helps citizens understand the value of conserving Pa.'s natural resources, and make improvements in their lives to protect our planet!

Promo program giving away a ZEV -

Z Electric Vehicle Corporation says it is now producing the world’s longest-range electric scooter

The ZEV7100 T claims a range up to 100 miles, achieved at constant speeds around 50 mph. Its top speed while riding upright is 75 mph and, at highway speeds of 65 mph, it can run for about 40 miles. The battery itself reportedly is 50 percent larger than that of the vehicle’s predecessor, the 7100.

The design is a hybrid between a motorcycle and a scooter. Features include a finned motor which, when running at full power for an hour only heats up to about 7 degrees above ambient temperature, tested on a day with 70-degree weather.

For more information on this and other models, click here

Electric motorcycles, scooters to top 138 million worldwide by 2017
Posted by Cynthia Furey
Apr 18, 2011

The number of electric motorcycles and scooters on the road worldwide should skyrocket from 17 million in 2011 to 138 million by 2017. So says a forecast by Pike Research, a market and consulting firm that uses supply-side industry analysis, end-user primary research and demand assessment to reach its conclusions.. ... read more

The world's fastest electric scooter, the 7100 watt ZEV
(Copied from

I also rode the world's fastest electric scooter, the 7100 watt ZEV, and I can tell you that it is a rocket ship fast enough to safely get you through hostile urban traffic and more than quick enough to pull you clear of traffic at the stoplight Grand Prix. It and the top-of-the-line Vectrix which is only slightly slower, offer just about everything you need from an electric commuter. The ZEV has two stages of braking - the first offers regenerative braking from the rear wheel and essentially slows the bike quite rapidly, but a bigger handful of the brake lever brings in the front disk and ample enough stopping power for any situation.

"We have the world's fastest production electric scooter and I intend to keep it that way - if you build a faster one, I’ll build another that will be faster than yours."

The ZEV also has three speeds, operated by a sequential shift button on the throttle grip - 1-2-3-2-1 style just as in Formula One cars, though with a few less ratios available - and the combo offers better acceleration than almost any car. I spoke at length with ZEV founder and chief engineer Darus Zehrbach and Darus was quite clear about his intentions with the brand and future developments.

Darus was also clear on his intentions to eventually develop the brand into a full range with high-performance electric motorcycles at the high end, and electric bicycles and mountain bikes at the lower end. It was patently clear that more power and range is on the way for his scooters too. "We have the world's fastest production electric scooter and I intend to keep it that way - if you build a faster one, I'll build another that will be faster than yours." Darus was also clear on his intentions to eventually develop the brand into a full range with high-performance electric motorcycles at the high end, and electric bicycles and mountain bikes at the lower end. It was patently clear that more power and range on the way for his scooters too.

Puerto Princesa to Field 40 Electric Tricycles as Taxi Fleet
By Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat
Manila Bulletin
September 20, 2010

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan has recently ordered the first batch of 40 electric tricycles (eTrikes) to serve as taxis to and from the Puerto Princesa City International Airport. The eTrikes will be supplied by local assembler Green Tech EcoCenter (GTE) in partnership with PhUV Inc., the business arm of the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Phils. (MVPMAP). ... read more

First electric Trike Taxi for Puerto Princesa International Airport
September 11, 2010

Mayor Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa, Palawan ordered the first in a fleet of 50 electric tricycle taxis, (eTraxi) for Puerto Princesa International Airport from GreenTech EcoCenter. It will be the first eTraxi assembled in PPC with local labor making the fiberglass body. The project is part of Hagedorn's vision of preserving the clean air of the city along with providing new jobs for the people.

Artist rendition of the new ET#4 - eTraxi - electric trike taxis for PP City International Airport
Left to Right: Dave Dewbre, developer of the eTrikes, Mr. Labit, Rebecca Labit-Asst. City Admin.Diana J. LimjocoPresident Green Tech EcoCenterMayor Ed Hagedorn, AV Abelson, Marine biologist hired by PPC to survey the local reefs.

Mayor Edward Hagedorn is a pioneer in electric trikes.  He and a team headed by Mr. Rolly Conception created the first electric tricycle in the Philippines in 2006. This is the ongoing clean air project to continue his and the council's vision to keep air pollution down in Puerto Princesa by eventually converting all of the 4000 gas powered tricycles over time to all electric.

The original ET#1 Trikebayan electric motorcycle conversion- 2008 Left: Rolly Conception far right: Mayor Edward Hagedorn

ET#2 (Electric Tricycle) 2nd generation all electric 3000 KW
motor, attached to an existing sidecare. Still running to date. Joint effort of Dave Dewbre and Eagle motorcycle team.

This project will create new jobs for the people of  Puerto Princesa by traing electric mechanics, fiber glass body makers, welders, and trainers. PHuv makers of the electric Jeepney plying the roads of Makati, and Green Tech EcoCenter have teamed up to create a new hybrid to conform to the needs of the airport trike.

ET#3 - 3rd generation 3000 kw prototype full body connected etrike.

Dave explaining the parts to Mayor Ed Hagedorn and Assist. City Administrator Rebecca Labit

Green Tech EcoCenter Puerto Princesa maintains and services all of the City's electric vehicles. We fuel our staff ebikes with solar power!


Dying man- His wish to ride his Electric trail bike
August 25, 2010

Environment Friendly Online store received an order for a ZEV5100 Trail and long range Utility electric bike. It is the world's first street legal electric trail and dirt road motor scooter! It can take to the pavement and serve as a commuter bike. The lead time on production is normally 90 days.

Shortly after the order was placed the man wrote an email politely asking if they could speed up the production since he was diagnosed with a fatal liver disease and he may not even have 90 days to live! His only wish is to be able to ride and enjoy the E-trail/utility bike as much as he can before he dies! ... read more

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
August 16, 2010

US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. at Badjao Seafront Restaurant - Aug. 16, 2010 with the Eagle electric tricycle of Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Ambassador Thomas loved the electric trike and was kind enough to pose for us with it. Mrs. Helen Limjoco to the left of the Ambassador and Diana Limjoco and Dave Dewbre on the right. We hope to take him for a spin on his next visit.

A very convivial and affable fellow this new US Ambassador indeed.
US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. info webpage:

About the etrikes:

ZEV comes out swinging: lays claim to world's fastest electric scooter
By Loz Blain
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
April 19, 2010

American manufacturer ZEV has issued a fairly blunt challenge to other electric motorcycle manufacturers such as Vectrix, Zero Motorcycles and Brammo, by claiming to have the fastest and most powerful production electric scooter on the market in its US$7237 ZEV7000. "We tell them to bring their street legal production bike and to bring their betting money. There can be only... read more

Eagle Electric motorbikes- Philippines

Thursday, April 8, 2010 - The new 1500 watt Eagle motorbikes arrived in Puerto Princesa and Manila shops night before last. These are stronger than the 1000 watt units that Green Tech EcoCenter staff have been driving for 3 years now.

Dave first bought several Eagle Ebikes for himself to test when we lived in Subic Freeport. We have been hooked on them since. Dave, being the EV enthusiasts and user, realized the need to also service the units and has made sure that no matter where you buy one, you won't be left with no one to turn to if you need a new part or service. I went around to traditional gas motorcycles shops today and it seems these E bikes are cheaper than some 125cc models.

Dave Dewbre in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. Showing an expat how easy it is to ride the electric otor bikes. Having been around them and seeing them used by staff, it seems they are pretty maintenance free. Not having to fill up with gas is a real joy. The quiet, noiseless and zero smoke ride makes it a real pleasure to be on.

It's not as fun in PPC to drive them as it was in the Subic Freeport housing area. But for practical purposes like sending the staff on errands,they are still reliable and cheaper to operate than the gas versions. Hopefully someday, PPC will go all electric and dispense with the gas belching, noisy traditional gas motorcycles and tricycles.

Dave used to take Alysha for rides in a kangaroo type baby harness since she could hold her head up by herself. You can see how happy she is!

Eagle electric tricycles - Palawan, Philippines

Puerto Princesa, Palawan - February 26, 2010 - Mayor Edward Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines has always been a pioneer in environmental issues. These are the latest electric tricycle prototypes in Puerto Princesa, Palawan developed by Dave Dewbre,EVC (Electric Vehicle Consultant) and Willy Dela Cruz of Eagle Motorcycles.

Green Tech EcoCenter in Puerto Princesa has made them available as their exclusive distributors and they are testing the bodies and motors. GT EcoCenter is developing a livelihood project along with Eagle- ( to assemble them in Puerto Princesa, Palawan to create more jobs as well as preserve the fresh air in the city.

Images Asia Magazine came to do magazine photo shoot and they shared these photos with us.

Photos by Voltaire Fernandez Domingo for Images Asia Magazine

Mayor Edward Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Philippines enjoyed driving the latest electric tricycles from Eagle Motorcycles and Green Tech EcoCenter.

Eagle electric tricycles and electric motorcycle. Shot at Baywalk, in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
Mayor Ed Hagedorn with the latest electric tricycles for Puerto Princesa City from
Eagle electric tricycles and electric motorcycle.
Mayor with EVC Dewbre with Diana Limjoco, of Green Tech EcoCenter and her mom, Helen Limjoco.
Mayor Ed Hagedorn with the latest electric tricycles for Puerto Princesa City from Eagle Motorcycles

Dave Dewbre and E trike and electric motorcycle with Diana Limjoco of Green Tech EcoCenter of Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Promoting Electric Vehicle Projects in the Philippines

Subic Bay, Zambales - September 11, 2009 - Dave Dewbre, EVC (Electric Vehicle Consultant) and CEO of Digital Web Group Inc, along with Willy Dela Cruz, CEO of Eagle Motorcycles, announces the upcoming release of electric tricycles in the Philippines. Addressing the need for alternative transportation, driven by emerging economies and decreasing petroleum reserves, Dave Dewbre goes on a joint venture with Eagle Motorcycles to promote electric tricycle projects for Philippines cities. Eagle Motorcycle's electric tricycles and electric motorbikes are nationally accredited by the LTO (Land Transportation Office).

Dave Dewbre, an environment protection advocate, invested heavily in EVs and particularly in electric motorcycle research and development for over four years in order to help problems such as air pollution, global warming and rising energy costs. A lot of technology has been developed and more is underway. All of the final products can easily be upgraded as technology changes. They are also safe, economical and aerodynamic in design.

The company will be opening distribution and retail outlets in all major locations. They will also establish several battery charging stations and provide training for upcoming EV mechanics. This project will not only contribute to environment protection, but will also provide job

opportunities for the Filipino community.

About Eagle Motorcycles

Eagle Motorcycles is a retailer and distributor of electric motorcycles, scooters, and motorbikes in Asia and the Philippines. Eagle Electric Motorcycles and the Environment Friendly Stores were established in response to the need of developing a global electric vehicle market. Eagle Motorcycles have assembled a team of industry recognized experts with vast experience in all aspects of Electric Vehicle procurement, development, and deployment.

Contact Information:
Eagle Motorcycles
Marseilla  Street, Rosario, Cavite, Philippines
Telephone: (046) 438-5581

June 13, 2009 - Mayor Ed Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines wanted to know if our environment friendly 3000 Watt electric motorcycles would pull an old existing Palawan side car. These sidecars are mounted on gas burning motorcycles, thus becoming a tricycle. That same day Dave Dewbre, EVC/CEO, designed a mounting system and took it to a local welder who had it ready at 8am the following morning!

The electric powered bikes were tested by Mayor Ed Hagedorn together with Dave Dewbre, EVC (Electric Vehicle Consultant), and Willy dela Cruz, CEO of Eagle Motorcycles, as part of the electronic vehicle feasibility study for Puerto Princesa’s existing gas fueled tricycle problem. Mayor Ed Hagedorn, known to be an environmentalist, is aware that eco friendly transportation is vital to the Puerto Princesa’s progress, thus seeking different options on how to minimize air pollution without jeopardizing Puerto Princesa’s growth and the livelihood of his people.

Mayor Hagedorn trying out the retro fitted 3000 watt motorcycle that Dave and crew created at his request.
Dave Dewbre, EVC/CEO of Digital Web Group, Inc. and Mayor Hagedorn testing out the new Etrike prototype. June 13, 2009 Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Finally, a tricycle we could all love
By Jeannette Andrade
Philippine Daily Inquirer
January 20, 2008

MANILA, Philippines -- Noise and smoke-free tricycle may sound like an oxymoron but Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn has presented to the public just such a vehicle which he anticipates would change the urban landscape all over the country... read more

Deputy NSA Luis "Chavit" Singson buys our Eagle electric motorcycle
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, November 11, 2008

Deputy National Security Adviser and former Ilocos Sur Governor, Luis "Chavit" Singson recently went to Subic and became interested in our environment friendly electric motor scooters. He bought one from Dave Dewbre and Willy Dela Cruz of Eagle Motorcycles. NSA Singson says he will use the eco-friendly scooter at his home in Baluarte in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur... read more

Willy dela Cruz, Dave Dewbre and Chavit Singson Deputy NSA Chavit Singson trying out the eco-friendly electric scooter
Willy dela Cruz, Dave Dewbre and Deputy NSA Chavit Singson
Deputy NSA Chavit Singson trying out the eco-friendly electric scooter

Eagle Motorcycle electric tricycle project in Cavite

Noiseless and pollution-free alternative to gas tricyclesElectric motorcycle scooter attached with a lightweight pedicabNoiseless and pollution-free alternative to gas tricycles
Livelihood Project In Rosario, Cavite, Philippines, by Mayor Jose "Nonong" Ricafrente, Jr. which makes use of the electric motorcycle attached with a lightweight pedicab as an alternative to the gas tricycles which causes noise and pollution. Project was done with the Mayor of Cavite in cooperation with Willy Dela Cruz of Eagle Motorcycles, Cavite.

A lightweight pedicab was used in this retrofit, attached to a 1000 watt electric motorcycle

Z ELECTRIC Motorcycle
November 7, 2009

ZEV ELECTRIC motorcycle has incorporated its new “Electronic Transmission” into all of its high power electric motor scooters. The Electronic Transmission is a special form of electronic controller for the high power ZEV Ebikes that allows the rider to independently vary both the voltage and the amperage of the current sent to the hub motors at the same time. ... read more

Electric Car, Scooter Buyers Get Immediate Tax Break
by EV World
February 20, 2009

Buried within the American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the $787 billion stimulus bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama, is a modest, but important tax credit for a special class of electric vehicles. ... read more

Electric Vehicle Stimulus
by EV World Television
February 13, 2009

The $787 billion bill succinctly referred to as HR1 is within a few hours of becoming the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. It is some 1000-pages in length and includes a mind-boggling range of federal expenditures and tax credits. ... read more

Closer Look: The XM-5000Li Electric Moped by X-Treme Scooters
by Aaron Turpen
January 6, 2009

It’s not often that I say something like “Wow” when I look at a scooter or moped. I don’t generally like them. This one is different. The XM-5000Li electric moped has a lot of great features for such a low-priced machine, including a boatload of power. Most mopeds are underpowered little things without much excuse for their existence. Not this one. ... read more

Motorcycles Finally Go Green
by Stuart Schwartzapfel
December 29, 2008

Motorcycles are by definition efficient machines, but their Prius-like fuel economy often is accompanied by emissions that make a Hummer look clean. As regulators get wise to that fact and go after two-wheelers, the motorcycle industry is embracing alternatives ranging from battery power to hydrogen fuel cells. ... read more

Swedish Biker Babe Does Electric Motorcycles
by Aaron Turpen
November 23, 2008

What could be hotter than a Swedish blonde biker babe? How about one who does electric conversions of those motorcycles? Ooooh ya! ... read more

Motorcycles and emissions: The surprising facts
By Susan Carpenter
Los Angeles Times
June 11, 2008

This story is about emissions. More specifically, it's about the surprising level of emissions spewing from on-road motorcycles and scooters... The average gas motorbike is about 10 times more polluting per mile than a passenger car, light truck or SUV ... read more

Leo Motors to Provide Philippine City with $15M in EVs, Parts and Batteries, ...
October 21,2008

Korea-based Leo Motors, Inc. has signed a contract with the city government of Puerto Princesa, of the Republic of the Philippines, to form a company to produce electric vehicles to sell in Puerto Princesa, and also throughout Asia... read more

Palawan Electric Taxis
October 21,2008

Speaking of electric cars from the East, Business Wire reports that Korea-based Leo Motors, Inc. now has a contract with the city government of Puerto Princesa, which is the capital of the province of Palawan in the Republic of the Philippines.... read more

Korean investors to manufacture e-tricycles in Puerto
By Alex S. Villanueva, Jr.
The Palawan Times
July 19,2008

SOUTH KOREA-based investor Leo Motors, Inc. assured Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn and the City of Puerto Princesa that the electric-powered tricycles they want to manufacture here are going to be environment-friendly, economical and durable... read more

Eco-tourism push by Puerto Princesa PEZA nod sought on $ 150-M projects
Bernie Cahiles–Magkilat

Manila Bulletin
June 4,2008

The local government of Puerto Princesa City is seeking approval from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority for the registration of its two eco-tourism projects with an estimated development cost of $ 150 million as tourism economic zones to further maximize the city’s tourism potential... read more