Our Mission

Environment Friendly Stores site was created in response to the need of developing a global electric vehicle market. Global energy demand, driven by emerging economies and decreasing petroleum reserves, makes it important that we explore alternative transportation now! Electric vehicles (EV) will address the basic energy issue and give us the most “green” value for money spent. They will help other problems such as air pollution, global warming and rising energy costs as well!

We have assembled a team of industry recognized experts with vast experience in all aspects of electric vehicle procurement, development, and deployment. We are here to assist investors, policy makers, government agencies, component suppliers, vehicle integrators, charging station developers and end users throughout the world.

Our electrical vehicle consulting team can provide you with a total eco friendly solution involving case study and:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology Assessment
  • Investment Strategy
  • Implementation Planning
  • Eroute Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning

    The EVC (electric vehicle consultants) team has been involved in practically all levels of EV activities, from component and vehicle development, commercial operations, manufacturing, assembly and testing. We have the expertise you are looking for and we can easily identify the complete infrastructure requirements of pure electric vehicles. We are conversant in the existing related industry standards and knowledgeable in the requirement for additional standards of development. We are up to date with the latest in technologies from advanced BMS, Regenerative Braking Systems, Programmable Controllers and Nano Crystalline Motors.

    Digital Web Group, Inc's environment friendly store can provide consulting and services on a retainer basis or defined deliverable and cost basis projects. We seek inquiries from any interested parties. Contact us today!

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