These incredible waterproof stereo speakers are high quality, low cost-and come in black or chrome colors. Don’t let the reasonable price put you off. DWG™ stereo speakers have a crisp, digitally clean audio output.

This quick release, Lockable, Briefcase trunk is waterproof and perfect for all Scooters and Bikes that have a small rear deck just behind the seat! Comes with 2 keys, reflectors and seat back for passengers. Trunk measurement: H=12, W=18, L=16. Available in White only and can easily be painted any color!
These Heavy Duty, Waterproof, lockable, UV resistant side saddle bags will last a lifetime! Available in Black only. Handy inside storage compartments. Quick and easily remove! Heavy Duty zippers with adjustable flap covers. Fully adjustable mounting straps to fit most any Ebike, Electric Motorcycle, Scooter, or Motorbike! Holds approx the same as a standard aircraft carry on suitcase.
DWG 3000 Watt Electric Motorbike Hill Climber complete with DWG accessories - waterproof speakers, trunk and saddle bags.