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Let our engineers and sales staff find the right solution for you or your Eco project! We know and have extensive experience with reliable manufacturers that provide very high quality goods and after sale support! We are DOT approved and have even helped entire communities and countries in outsourcing parts and Ebike solutions for their Eco projects. We have successfully negotiated lower prices for many clients. Contact us Today! It is much easier for a start up dealer/distributor to purchase from our already proven electric scooter and motorbike factories. We have invested in these factories so we have a direct interest! We have a track record and can provide a complete turnkey solution for you. From beginning to end. We can even show you how to assemble a high quality EV Bike, Car, Bus or Tricycle right in your own green economic zone! Use local labor and thus provide local service and jobs! Please contact us today for immediate help!

We have complete distribution, custom manufacturing, and unique solutions for most all locations in America and World Wide!

DWG, Inc. CFO Diana Limjoco driving our electric tricycle in Palawan, Philippines

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