eBike Care and Maintenance 101
• If you use the bike daily, charge it daily. You cannot over charge the units, the charger shuts off when complete.
• Never use the battery pack to ZERO so that you have to walk the bike home, draining the batteries to zero reduces battery life.
• A low tire can cost you a lot of distance, make sure tires are always filled to spec and not low.
• When climbing a long hill, do not carry another rider or a heavy load.
• Before a hill if there is a downgrade, speed up to the speed limit so as to help your upward momentum
• Once a month check all visible bolts and screws they may need tightening.
• Obtain same canned "fix a flat" carry it with you in case of a flat tire you can fix it on the spot.
• Keep the entire bike, wheels and all surfaced except the seat waxed to help preserve the finish, especially here in the tropics.
• Use armoral or similar for the seat cover.
• Always use the CENTER stand when parking, the side stand is not a safe practice.
• Use slow, steady, even and smooth acceleration to increase your driving distance.

Advanced EV Battery Care SLA - Sealed Lead Acid - maintenance free
PLEASE NOTE: Topping off of batteries is only good if they are discharged 50% or less!  But not less than 20%. Most batteries have some sort of cycle rate:
IE: 500 cycles before they began to lose a lot of their power. That means 500 times charging.  The fact is, that always using only 50% or less of your batteries capacity before charging again, will greatly extend its life.  Conversely, using 80, 90 and 100% of the capacity will greatly reduce the number of cycles possible.
You should never discharge a lead acid battery lower than 80% of its capacity (20% charge left in the battery).

An SLA battery is generally rated at 300 cycles. This is an average. With better care and discipline, you can get more than 300 cycles from an SLA battery. Perhaps as many as 800, Of course, if you abuse the battery, it is likely that you will get less than 300 cycles from your battery!

SLA batteries also love to be charged on a regular basis and leaving a battery in a very low state of charge for any period of time will do irreversible damage to the battery. SLA batteries that are fully charged may be stored up to six months with very little detrimental effect. But to keep them at optimum condition, charge your scooter battery pack often, after every use if 50% or below capacity is realized. If you are storing your EV for long periods of time, make sure your batteries are fully charged before doing so. If you will be away from your EV for more than six months or storing it for that period over a winter, make sure you or someone else charges the batteries before the mentioned six month period is up.

Undercharging - is caused by not allowing the charger to restore the battery to full charge after use. Continuously operating a battery in a partial or low state of charge may cause premature battery failure.

Batteries and freezing - It is also important to remember that a fully charged SLA battery will not freeze until the temperature drops below -92F, while a battery with a 40% charge will freeze at about -16F

Physical Maintenance - An SLA battery is virtually maintenance free in terms of adding water or electrolyte (acid). You should never open it in an attempt to fill or repair it.