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ZEV Mountain Climbing Test


We provide the highest quality, most reliable and cost effective electric vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and motor bikes on the market! Our ZEV eBikes will outrun, out climb and outperform others while our customer service is second to none! ZEV are the world's fastest electric motor scooters with speeds to 113 km/h, 70 mph.
ZEV Electric Motorcycles
The Environment Friendly Stores were created in response to the need of developing a global alternative energy market. Global energy demands, driven by emerging economies and decreasing petroleum reserves, makes it important that we explore alternative energies now! Electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric buses, and electric tricycles will address a basic energy issue now and will give us the most “green” value for dollar spent! eBikes, electric motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and electric motorbikes are the perfect solution for inter city travel to work, school or just running errands around town. Motorcycles and motor bikes are the perfect match for electric motors because they don’t require large amounts of power! People should always wear motorcycle riding jackets while riding a powerful ZEV eBike. 

Our most popular DOT approved electric motorcycle scooters and motorbikes are featured on the front page here, for other models click here. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us today, we can help! Choosing bike insurance.

Customer wrecked his bike, laid it down at 85kmh..  Repaired in 8 hours shop time.      

Our USA produced high powered electric bicycle is shipping now to any USA address! Our standard model is legally defined as a bicycle in most states. We are redefining the electric bicycle, and creating a new class vehicle between a motorbike and a bicycle! No drivers license needed, it's a bicycle but fully equipped like a motorcycle with lights, horn, turn signals, mirrors. It's a 2 wheeled truck disguised as a bicycle with 5 times the battery capacity and range of most electric bikes. 1.44 kw battery capacity. 19.8 mph top speed.

STANDARD MSRP $2250, 750 watts, single stator motor
SPORTER MSRP $2395, 750 watts, single stator motor
2000 watt Cargo $2400 Dual motor
4000 watt Cargo, $2700 Dual motor

ZEV7100 - The worlds's fastest and most powerful production electric motor scooter!

ZEV 7000 World’s fastest and most powerful production electric motor sccoter !7.1 Kw (7100 WATTS) OF CONTINUOUS OUTPUT POWER 8 Kw (8000 WATTS) of peak power. 14.6 KW launch or standing start power.


The highest performance for any electric bike in its class. Featuring a new design, dual stator motor, dual controllers, and more battery for more hill climbing power, speed and range over any other competing bike near the price. 

Why Buy a ZEV? ZEV Electric Bike Comparison

DWGDWG CEO Dave Dewbre trying out DWG's new electric motorcycle CEO Dave Dewbre riding our 3000 Watt DOT Certified electric motorbike
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